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Spotlight on Boswells Auto Service

Boswell’s Auto does more than care for cars. They care for those who drive them.

Boswell’s Auto has been serving Maryland drivers since 1939, when it opened in Price George’s County. In 1985, Boswell’s moved to Southern Maryland and has been caring for local drivers ever since. Boswell’s focuses on the spectrum of customer needs, from the first moment of an automotive problem until the completion of repairs.

Boswell offers towing services throughout Southern Maryland, anytime, day and night. Whether customers need a tow to Boswell’s full-service repair shop or to another destination, they are committed to helping stranded drivers get their car where it needs to go – any day of the week, any hour of the day.

When customers are in need of repairs or maintenance, Boswell is ready!  “We do all kinds of service, from an oil change all the way down to a full-engine repair,” owner Sam Shantir says. In addition to repairs, Boswell’s Auto Service offers maintenance and upkeep services, including Maryland State Safety Inspections. Boswell’s strives to keep customers safely driving.

Sam Shantir took over the business five years ago, after a career as a software engineer. Since taking control of the business, Sam has evaluated the overhead and expenses of the shop and found opportunities to keep the shop functioning efficiently. “We’re running lean and mean,” Sam joked, explaining that efficient business means competitive prices for his customers.

While working to make the business as financially streamlined as possible, Sam has relied on the established team of technicians and mechanics to keep up the solid reputation of great work that Boswell’s is known for. “We have a reputation for quality,” Sam explained, referencing the last 70 years of local business. “We do a really honest job – we don’t go beyond what’s necessary and what needs to be fixed.” Sam says it’s that honesty for what needs to be done, and the quality of the work that is done, is what makes Boswell’s the right choice for customers.

Because they care about the drivers, Boswell’s offers advice about what to look for with season changes. As the weather moves from cool to hot and back to cold again, drivers should be aware of safety and comfort factors. Sam recommends you check your tires for wear. If your treads have worn thin or you have encountered any punctures, have them changed before you head out on a summer road trip or take on winter’s slippery roads. Also, turn on your AC or heater before you need it and make sure it works properly. If it’s not working efficiently, stop in for a honest diagnostic before the temperatures reach uncomfortable, even dangerous levels.

Whether you are stranded on the side of the road or just need a second opinion on your car’s diagnosis, Boswell’s is ready to care for customers with honesty and quality – any time of the day.