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Spotlight on Concrete Walls Inc.


Shane Wyckoff knows that the key to a safe, superior building is a strong foundation. His company, Concrete Walls Inc., provides exceptional service to clients across the Southern Maryland area, pouring and completing walls and foundations that are durable, lasting, and affordable.

Concrete Walls prides itself in being able to provide an efficient service, without skipping steps or compromising quality. They are able to do this by investing in the long-term results and making an effort to ensure satisfaction throughout the process. “Everybody works for me cares about what we do,” Wyckoff emphasizes. His employees are more than employees, they are community members, experts in the field, and trusted colleagues who know how to best serve the client and the area for the long-term.

Robert Wykoff started the business in 1975.  He was able to establish a successful business due to the high quality of work, along with dependability.  Shane took over the company from his father 12 years ago and has maintained the same high standards.  Many of his employees have been with the company for decades. 

Because they care about the results, Concrete Walls makes every effort to make their work available and effective throughout the year. During the cold months, they use thermal blankets to temper the concrete as it sets and work with clients to set tight schedule to mitigate mistakes. “Time is of the essence,” Wyckoff explains when it comes to concrete.

Family owned for generations, Concrete Walls puts community above all. Each year, they give back to local charities.  With every pour, they strive to ensure that the community is safe and growing.