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Spotlight on Kangas Home Improvements

Kangas Home Improvements … From Quick Fixes To Multi-Room Renovations

Kangas Home Improvements’ expertise lies in all forms of home improvement projects – from quick fixes to multi-room renovations. Whether a home undergoes weather damage in a storm, needs a modern update, or requires an entire remodel, Kangas Home Improvements contracts with homeowners to get the job done cost-efficiently and safely.

“Our specialty is historic restoration,” owner Joe Kangas explained. Over the last couple decades Kangas has amassed an impressive list of historic home remodels. His longest partnership has been with news icon Ted Koppel and his historic home, Cross Manor. Cross Manor was purportedly built as early as 1642. Kangas also worked on Koppel’s homes in Florida.

Other homes in Kangas’ repertoire include Porto Bello in Drayden. Built in the mid-1700’s, Porto Bello contained molding no longer available. The Kangas Home Improvement crew had to carve their own molding, mirroring the original. Kangas has also worked on Cremona in Mechanicsville. Cremona Farm, owned by the late Norton Dodge and his wife Nancy, sprawls over acres and contains a number of historic building dating back to the early 1800’s. Kangas rebuilt the Bean Barn in St. Mary’s City and is preparing work on the wall around the  state house grounds.

But despite the famous clients and historic restorations, Kangas Home Improvement bids on contracts large and small and focuses on earning the trust of its everyday customers. “We do a lot of historic work,” Kangas explained. “But I’m a home improvement company. We do everything from basement to bathroom remodels.”

One way Kangas Home Improvement stays competitive is keeping their travel costs low. “I stay mostly south of Mechanicsville and Lusby. Most of my guys are in Lexington Park and Leonardtown,” Kangas explains. “Thats not to say we wont travel for a specialty job.  But most of our success happens right here in Southern Maryland.

Kangas was raised in Southern Maryland, learned his trade there, and maintains a commitment to local residents. “Right out of high school, I started in the trade, in 1984, as an apprentice,” he says. He has spent the last three decades gaining the trust of the community.

He cares for his employees and the community by being fully insured and licensed. He is also a member of the Home Improvement Commission. These extra steps keep his employees and customers protected.  He explains that customers that use home improvement companies without licenses and insurance open themselves up to a number of potential problems, including legal action. Kangas commitment to his trade, his team, and his clients keeps him motivated to stay up to date on all his memberships, fees, and insurance.

When asked to sum his business in one word, Kangas chose the word “fairness.” “My clients trust me,” he says. To the best of my ability, I’m going to treat them very fair.”