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Spotlight on OBrien Realty

O’Brien Realty- Solomons Office

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Robert Wigginton, manager of the Solomon’s Island office, believes finding the right house means understanding the customer. With a history of local business ownership, Robert puts customer service above all.  He started his career in Southern Maryland, owning an auto parts franchise. He listened to his customers needs and grew the company to include car rentals. “I’ve been in customer service my whole life,” Robert explains, evoking memories of his earliest job at a gas station while he was in high school. Back when gas stations were full-service, Robert learned that every customer had a different need and meeting those unique needs kept everyone happy.

With O’Brien Realty, Wigginton continues to focus on individual customer needs and emphasizes customizing the experiences of each person that enter their offices. “They tell us what they want, what they are looking for,” he explains. “The process is different for each buyer.”  Robert and his team sit down with each person and assess their long-term and short-term goals. They talk about financial milestones and specific personal and family needs. Rather than recreating the same process each time, the team shows houses that fit clients’ needs both today and into the future. Whether the client needs a family home or an investment property, Robert explains that O’Brien Realty in Solomons it is  ensured that the experience is tailored to their exact needs. Robert was born in  Southern Maryland and grew up in the area so he understands the neighborhoods, the markets, and the people. He works tirelessly to make sure each customer finds exactly what is important to them.